Top 14 Features of Android 14: Amazing Features

Android 14: Top 14 Features and Everything You Need to Know

Android 14 is the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system, and it’s packed with new features and improvements. From more lock screen customization to better battery life, there’s something for everyone in Android 14.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 14 features in Android 14 and explain how they can improve your experience. We’ll also answer some of the most common questions about Android 14.

Top 14 Features in Android 14

1. More lock screen customization

One of the biggest new features in Android 14 is the ability to customize your lock screen more than ever before. You can now choose from a variety of lock screen templates, add app shortcuts, and even create parallax effect wallpapers.

2. Health Connect

Health Connect is a new platform that makes it easy to share your health and fitness data between different apps and devices. This means you can get a more complete picture of your health and fitness in one place.

3. Improved battery life

Google claims that Android 14 is more optimized for battery consumption than ever before. This means you can expect your phone to last longer on a single charge.

4. Larger fonts and smarter scaling

Android 14 supports font scaling up to 200%, making it easier for people with low vision to read text on their screens. Android 14 also scales fonts more intelligently, so they’re always legible, even on devices with large screens.

5. Notification flashes

Notification flashes are a new way to be alerted to incoming notifications, even when your phone is in silent mode. When you receive a notification, your phone’s screen will flash briefly, so you can see what it is without having to pick up your phone.

6. Better hearing aid support

Android 14 includes a number of improvements to hearing aid support, such as the ability to adjust the volume of individual apps and the ability to use Bluetooth hearing aids with devices that have a built-in microphone.

7. Better support for large screens

Android 14 includes a number of improvements to support large screens, such as the ability to split the screen into two apps and the ability to resize widgets.

8. Restricting photo and video access

Android 14 gives you more control over which apps have access to your photos and videos. You can now choose to grant apps access to specific photos and videos, or to all of your photos and videos.

9. Enhanced security

Android 14 includes a number of security enhancements, such as a new protected PIN feature and improved data protection.

10. Regional preferences

Android 14 gives you more control over your regional preferences, such as the ability to set different languages for different apps.

11. Predictive back gestures

Android 14 includes a new predictive back gesture that makes it easier to go back to the previous screen. When you swipe back from the edge of the screen, Android 14 will predict which screen you want to go back to and take you there directly.

12. Improved share options

Android 14 includes a number of improvements to the share options menu, such as the ability to share to multiple apps at once and the ability to create custom share sheets.

13. Auto-confirm Unlock

Auto-confirm Unlock is a new feature that automatically unlocks your phone when you’re wearing a trusted smartwatch or fitness tracker. This makes it easier to unlock your phone without having to enter your PIN, password, or pattern.

14. Revamped Pixel Updates Section

The Pixel Updates section in the Settings app has been revamped in Android 14 to make it easier to see what updates are available for your phone and to install them.


When will Android 14 be released?

Android 14 is scheduled to be released in Q3 2023.

Which devices will get Android 14?

Google has not yet announced which devices will get Android 14, but it is expected that most Pixel devices and devices from other major manufacturers will be eligible for the update.

What are the benefits of updating to Android 14?

Android 14 offers a number of benefits over previous versions of Android, including:

  • More lock screen customization
  • Health Connect
  • Improved battery life
  • Larger fonts and smarter scaling
  • Notification flashes

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