The Action Button iPhone15Pro: Amazing Customization in iphone15pro


The iPhone 15 Pro has some cool new features this year, like The Action Button a lighter titanium frame, a faster A17 Pro processor, and an improved camera system. But what really caught my attention is something small but useful: the Action Button. It’s this little button above the volume keys that does something different from the mute switch we’ve had on iPhones for a long time.

The Action Button is a simple addition, just a button, really. But it’s a big deal because you can customize what it does, and that opens up some exciting possibilities for how you can use your iPhone.

When Apple introduced the iPhone 15 Pro, they talked about the Action Button, and it got a lot of attention in reviews. But it wasn’t until people started using the iPhone 15 Pro that they realized how handy this button could be.

How to Personalize The Action Button on Your iPhone 15 Pro:

In the Settings app, you’ll find some easy suggestions for things you can link to the Action Button. But it gets more exciting when you create your own shortcuts. With custom shortcuts, you can make the Action Button show a list of other quick actions that you can use by tapping on the screen. You have the power to make it do different stuff based on where you are, what time it is, or even how you’re holding your device. The only limit is your creativity, though it’s worth noting that setting up these custom shortcuts in the Shortcuts app can sometimes be a bit tricky and not so much fun.How to Personalize The Action Button on Your iPhone 15 Pro

I’ve set up my Action Button to do some handy things. It’s like a list of shortcuts that help me do different stuff. I can change the ringer settings, turn on the flashlight, or open the camera with it. Plus, I can add a new task to my Todoist list, make a calendar event in Fantastical, lock the screen’s rotation, jot down a quick note, figure out what song is playing with Shazam, go back to the last playlist or podcast I was listening to, and control smart devices in my home. And the best part? I can do all of this without even going to my phone’s home screen.

There are still some ways Apple could improve the Action Button to make it even more useful. Right now, you can only do long presses to activate actions with it. It would be great if we could set up short presses or double presses for specific tasks, just like we can with the power button on the other side of the phone.

Working with the Shortcuts app can be a bit tricky. It takes patience and some knowledge of how things work. Sometimes, the app can be a bit buggy and not work as expected. If your shortcut is too complicated or long and you try to use it from the lock screen, it might not work correctly.

Here’s a tip: if you have access to a Mac, it can be easier to create your shortcut there and then sync it with your iPhone using iCloud. Also, starting with a template that someone else made can save you a lot of time and frustration.

How The Action Button Elevates the iPhone 15 Pro Beyond Typical Smartphones and Closer to a Computer:

Even with a few limitations, the Action Button has opened up a whole new world of possibilities on my iPhone. It’s super easy to tweak and change my shortcuts whenever I feel like it, which makes it more versatile than any other thing on my phone. It’s quicker, more reliable, easier to touch, and just plain more convenient than trying to set up similar shortcuts through the lock screen or home screen widgets. It’s also way better than messing with Back Tap settings in the accessibility options.

With the Action Button, my iPhone feels more like a powerful computer in my pocket than just another small upgrade to my old smartphone. Out of all the new features that have come along in the 17 years of iPhones, the Action Button ranks up there with Face ID, Apple Pay, and the ability to record videos. Now, I wish every device I use had something like this (bring back the Bixby button, but make it customizable, Samsung!). I’m also excited to see where this goes next—maybe even on the next iPad?


  1. How do I set up custom shortcuts with the Action Button?
    • You can set up custom shortcuts in the Shortcuts app on your iPhone. It might take some patience, but it’s worth it for the added functionality.
  2. Are there any limitations to the Action Button?
    • Yes, the Action Button currently supports launching actions only via a long press. Users have expressed interest in having short press and double press options for specific tasks.
  3. Can I use the Action Button to control smart home devices?
    • Yes, you can set up shortcuts to control smart home devices, making it a convenient way to manage your connected home.
  4. Is the Action Button available on older iPhone models?
    • No, the Action Button is a feature specific to the iPhone 15 Pro.
  5. Can I sync my shortcuts created on a Mac with my iPhone?
    • Yes, you can create shortcuts on a Mac and sync them with your iPhone using iCloud, which can simplify the process.


the Action Button on the iPhone 15 Pro is changing the way we interact with our smartphones. Its potential for customization and convenience make it a standout feature that has the potential to redefine how we use our devices. As we look to the future, the Action Button’s journey is one we’re excited to follow, and we can’t help but wonder where it might appear next in the world of Apple devices.


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